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The Five Stages of Ecstatic Awaking Dance

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ~ Rumi

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1. Body Warm Up

Does exactly what it says! We drop into our sacred space by gently awakening the body. We move through from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, gently loosening up all of our joints and muscles. Every part of our body has a story to tell, here we check in to what our body needs and what it has to say, through fluid movements and rhythmical breath. We gently stretch our bodies, increasing our circulation and body temperature, improving our flexibility and muscle strength.

2. Awakening Life Force Energy through The Shake

The Shake ignites our life-force within, allowing the dance transformation to begin working its magic.

Here we allow our bodies to shake and tremble all over. Shaking medicine is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world, having roots in many cultures, including the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, who have used shaking as a healing medicine for many centuries, and Chinese qigong which utilises shaking the body to unblock the meridians and increase the blood circulation.

Shaking the body produces an energising and refreshing effect, and allows the body to release any stress and traumas that we hold within our cells. All mammals have the ability to shake, animals inherently know that shaking is essential to their well-being, in the ability to shake off any traumas or tension that is held within their bodies.

3. The Breath of Fire Dance

Here we begin our Free Dance, finding our own rhythms, surrendering and moving within. There are no set steps, which facilitates our own unique experiences. We kindle the flame of self-empowerment by using a special breath technique known as the Breath of Fire.

This circular breathing technique awakens our life force further, it pulls us out of our monkey minds and into our bodies, giving us freedom to explore – no inner experience is off limits!


What can this part of the dance do for you?

  • Bring you to a place of love and self-acceptance

  • Give you clarity of mind from a higher perspective

  • Enable a deeper connection to your divine state of being

  • Facilitate an experience of freedom and ecstasy

  • Provide dreamlike visions, insights and inspiration

  • Help to release any old stuck emotions or physical energies

  • Allow you to move and enjoy your body, beautifully, fully and inspiringly

  • Let go, let your hair down and have fun in a super-safe space!

  • Chill and relax, with no drink or drugs involved...

4. Dropping Into Stillness

As the music fades so does the dance: we come to a stop and simply drop to the ground. We allow our energies to settle, giving ourselves permission to drop down into stillness and contemplation.

The stillness facilitates the integration of the whole dance experience, and any excess energy created is drained down into the earth beneath.

5. Heaven and Earth Meditation

We complete our practice with a beautiful guided visualisation meditation, connecting ourselves to the earth beneath us and universal consciousness, coming back home to our reality in a space of serenity and love.

Here we can feel our connection to all that is, to our divine oneness and true nature.

We end the sessions with a sharing circle, of how we feel right now, in our bodies...


Natalie King, author and presenter of 'This One Precious Life' podcast series, recently reviewed her experience of Ecstatic Awakening Dance - you can listen to it via this link:

Be humble, for you are made of earth.

Be noble, for you are made of stars ~ Serbian Proverb

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