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We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering the stars like dust. The stars formed a circle, and in the middle, we dance. - Rumi

Ecstatic Awakening Dance | Warwickshire & Oxfordshire

  • It’s an eyes closed sacred dance experience, which moves through several stages

  • We’re taking focus out of our heads and down into our bodies: through movement, music and meditation

  • It’s a free dance with powerful breathing techniques to awaken our life force energy

  • It features polyrhythmic music which embraces lots of layers – it’s global, tribal and earthy!

  • We will dance our bodies until our Souls arrive home!

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' When I attend Ecstatic Awakening Dance classes I feel as though I am entering a different world.


It is one where all my worries melt away and where I can relax, let go and be myself. I release my inhibitions and float along on a journey of discovery, one which often reveals something new about how my mind, body and spirit work together.


Ecstatic Awakening Dance is truly transformative and leads me to a profound level of tranquility and peace. I thoroughly recommend it!'

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Meet Debbie Wild

I came across Ecstatic Awakening Dance in 2021, and completed the teacher training course in 2022. From the very beginning I was immediately hooked! I found that EAD is a great way to allow myself to be free and let my hair down, whilst calming my mind at the same time. In fact the harder I dance the calmer I become and the dance takes on that meditative quality, it becomes blissful and joyful. 

Ecstatic Awakening Dance has become an integral part of my routine, and my number one way of de-stressing – there is just so much freedom in letting everything go, into the dance… it’s empowering and energising whilst at the same time I feel a deeper connection to the Earth and to the Divine Consciousness/All that is. The more that I dance, the more I come home to my body.

It’s great to dance solo, being part of a group that dances seems to increase the benefits 10-fold. In ecstatic awakening dance we are dancing with our eyes closed so we go inside to get that unique experience, yet we also feel we have come home to our tribe as we feel the energies of other like-minded souls around us. it doesn’t matter what our age or background is, we are here to be alive! It works brilliantly online too – the power of the group permeates through our computer screens.

For the past 21 years I’ve been a tai chi and qigong instructor – I feel that Ecstatic Awakening Dance is the complete opposite in the way of movement, yet appears to be of the same coin. Movement is essential to our lives, if our bodies feel lithe and fluid through movement then we feel as if we can literally move mountains, we feel stronger, happier and freer. 

When we dance from our hearts, our whole body becomes

a prayer

Come and find your freedom through dance.....

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